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Salter is launching a brand new cannula this month designed to be the most comfortable cannula on the market

More patients than ever are searching for different cannulas and demanding the leading HMEs to spend more time and take more trips to respond to these patients.

What if you had confidence that your patients had the most comfortable cannula available?  What if you knew that your patients were more satisfied because the burden of being an oxygen patient was lower because they had the most comfortable cannula available?

The 16SOFT from Salter is the only cannula available that has been designed for comfort at every point that touches the patient:

• Softer non-DEHP tubing to alleviate pressure over the sensitive areas of the face and ears
• Redesigned bolo to resist twisting and dislodging-reducing calls and complaints
• Salter-style face piece that conforms to patients' natural anatomy
• 3-channel tubing to reduce kinking and obstructions and help make sure soft is also safe

That's why HME's that want to do the best for their patients and reduce patient complaints are coming to Salter. They use our cannulas to improve patient comfort, improve efficiency, and improve skin integrity-all of which lead to better patient outcomes and more positive patient experience.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:36 PM

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